2023: Let’s get the world off our backs

Atlas carrying earth with bird flying
“Releasing Atlas” by Cornelia Kopp | CC BY-ND 2.0

I’m so excited about the journey we are about to take together this year. Again, little by little, we will unwind, expand, and rejoice.

As one subscriber wrote last year:

Thank you for your gifts of words dancing through these pages. I feel so nurtured and loved from your visions of growth – walking – dancing – watching – feeling – loving all the way – chop wood – fry eggs – dance – tip toe – drive car – weed garden – read & imagine feeling a new knowing even for a second – reaching out – forgiving myself even for a second – daring to keep going alone…

…keep walking – keep reaching – keep breathing & having the awareness – feeling my feet in my slippers – hearing the clock ticking – the wind in the trees – the sunset – keep on keep on & on & then stop and breathe deeply – in & out – out & in – again & again – abundance & overflowing – blood running through & through – appreciation for my fingers reaching out to you…. all is well.

In 2023, you can expect a wild ride. This is because I have been studying, contemplating, growing, and expanding. I have been horrified to discover how pre-programmed I actually am. I’ve been inspired to see how we can move from our shadows to the built-in gifts that we’ve been given as humans.

New learnings and insights are bursting to come out of my mouth. As Thomas Hubl (an international teacher whose work integrates the great wisdom traditions and science.) once said to me, “You don’t need to work on what’s above. You need to bring your realizations down. When you do this the Earth will become your Field, and your mouth will start to open.”

Well, I have come down to Earth, and my mouth is spilling over with new knowledge to share, things I had never really integrated before.

More and more I realize that we arrive in this life pre-programmed with a blueprint based on fear. So, much of our thoughts and behaviors are automatic, trapped in this fear.

On the other hand, each of us can transcend this programming. We can draw on power that is already available to us. This takes dedication to our authentic selves and the opening of our hearts.

To get the world off our backs…

  • We need to wake up. Pull back the curtain, expose the hidden, underlying, dynamics that keep us locked in chaos and division. To save our race, our species, we need to move beyond our low 3D perceptions of reality. We need to up our game. We need to human up.
  • We need to ask some tough personal questions. Are we brave enough to see how most of our thoughts and behaviors are still rooted in fear? Dare we explore how often we are running an automatic program? Are we willing to open our hearts, ramp up our courage, and move into our higher 5D perspectives?
  • We need to uncover the hidden frequencies that personally keep us stuck, even after years of trying. We need to discover the knowledge and skills necessary to unlock the doors of limitation and move into who we truly are.
  • We need to know that we can transcend our current perspective. We can learn to work with our greater intelligence, the one that is beckoning us to move on. This infinite Life force is patiently waiting for us to accept the gifts of our amazing human capacity.

What follows is a list of topics that we will explore as we journey together in 2023

We are going to dive into…

  • Things your mother never taught you, nor your school, society, or science
  • Scientific things that will blow your mind; if the world is an illusion, then why can I see you and touch you
  • What about your DNA
  • Things you need to know that go beyond the usual spiritual rhetoric (This has been a lifesaver for me)
  • How to dialogue with both your higher (gift) and lower (shadow) self
  • What’s really going on inside your mind
  • The horror of your automatic self
  • The willingness to come out of your familiar box
  • The hidden dimension that controls you and your life
  • Cutting through the junk. Discovering new dynamics that help set us free (Directing energy is key)

In 2023 we will probably laugh and cry along the way, but that’s life. It’s the price we pay for breaking out of our box and moving beyond.


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