2022: What’s your passion?

abstract.4 by foxrosser
abstract.4 by foxrosser | CC BY-ND 2.0

I’m tired of my same old habits and circular thinking. In 2022 I’m going for my fullest self, my most powerful self, my most consciously connected self. I’m going for the gold! And the possibility of me, or any human, attaining such a powerful self is now fully supported by the latest scientific discoveries of how life unfolds.

Below is what Gregg Braden and Nassim Haramein reveal in their amazing course, Forbidden Science: The secret of our past and the promise of our Future. Gregg explains, “We ARE the united quantum field. The Unified Field is everywhere. Literally. And it contains an essentially infinite amount of energy and the potentiality of all possible outcomes, which means we — as part of the Field ourselves — have the power to access, and direct it, to bring about the kind of experiences and outcomes we desire.” And Nassim, follows this conclusion with his proven mathematical equations, to show that we do indeed live in a unified web of space/time. “We are all connected and interacting with this underlying field of Life.”

This course has helped me understand my life on a quantum level. But beyond this, it explains the how’s and why’s of what is really going on in our lives. I’m on fire with this new information, this life-affirming perspective. I want to live consciously in this United Field, the frequency in which we are all powerfully connected. As Gregg says, “We are a highly advanced, sophisticated, soft technology, with powers way beyond what we currently believe….and we can learn to use the powers of the Field that we are.”

So, I’ve been contemplating. How do I want to live in 2022? I want to live powerfully, passionately. I realize how my old recurring loops of thoughts and feelings are stale. They hold me back, tether my soul. I don’t want to wallow in the loops of my past. I want to develop a continual fresh perspective. I want to go into my shadow parts whether they be feelings of anger, shame, fear, or helplessness. I want to be able to say, “I love and accept this part of me” and really mean it, knowing that shadows are just a learning part of being human. I want to allow the experiences in my body to come to the surface. I want them to talk to me and tell me what they need or what they are bringing to me. I see how energy is trapped in my old beliefs, feelings and thinking. I notice that this underlying energy is very powerful. It’s actually longing to be seen, released, and refreshed for the betterment of humankind.

I’ve made a list of my greatest desires for the future: I want to unleash my full power, my full potential. I want to move towards true Love and greater compassion. And I’m not talking about the usual 3D (link) perspective of love, where I love conditionally, only when the other person meets my wants. And I’m not talking about looking up to the heavens in a dreamy way. I’m talking about the greatest Love that exists beneath everything. I’m talking about bringing 5D powers down into everyday life.

I want to consciously be part of the Connected We, the Unified Field. I want to start a small, experimental Quantum Power Group. I want to join with others who are called to come together to help the planet. I want to join with you, my subscribers. I want to affect 4D (link) collective consciousness in a positive way through my thoughts and actions.

What about you? What are your greatest desires for 2022? The following blog, “Calling in the future you desire” may help you decide. If you would like to join this 2022 effort, jump right in. I’ll be writing a new series on the heart. The heart is the secret of moving forward. So lets’ do it. Let’s fall in Quantum Love!