How DNA affects your personal consciousness

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Last time, we examined the important whats and whys of Richard Rudd’s brilliant work, The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose. Today, we’ll take a look at how the 64 Gene Keys affect our individual, personal consciousness. As we discussed in my last blog post, each of the 64 Gene Keys contains a Shadow, a Gift, and Siddhi. The Shadow level equates to our usual egoic level of consciousness. Understanding, and transcending, our Shadows is what leads us to experience our Gifts. And, as Richard Rudd says,

“We are designed to overcome the Shadow states inside us so that our true genius can emerge, and we can add our spirit to the world.”

Before we dive into personal ramifications of the Gene Keys, here are a few more factors:

  • The 64 Gene Keys make up a programming blueprint for our physical, emotional, and mental life.
  • Each Gene Key contains a specific genetic aspect of our personal human behavior.
  • Each of us contains all of the 64 Gene Keys
  • Each of us also has a Personal Profile based on the time of day, the date, and the place in which we were born. (See link at end of blog.)

If we really want to know more about ourselves, the Gene Keys are a good place to look because they are driving us every day. Besides, they hold information that gives us clues as to how to move toward the natural gifts we have genetically buried inside.

Gene Key #35

Let’s take a look at Gene Key #35 to see how our genes affect our consciousness and, in fact, our entire orientation to life. The 35th Gene Key is the one that drives all human progress, not the progress of the outside, physical, world but the progress of our human awareness. So, let’s find out how the frequency of this Gene Key can either hold us back or move us forward.

The Shadow for Gene Key #35 is Hunger. It’s the inner hunger that holds us back. The Gift of this gene key is Adventure, which awakens us to a new level of awareness. This is the great possibility, but first we have to learn to move through our shadow-selves.

The Hunger of this gene key isn’t “hunger” in the usual sense. The hunger here is for a deep knowing of who we really are inside. A problem occurs because this shadow diverts our attention out into the material world, at the expense of our inner world. Rudd explains that we humans “are a hungry and unfulfilled species…When we look to the outside for fulfillment, we sacrifice potential to transform the inner nature of humanity itself.”

So, let’s take a close and honest look at how we may unknowingly be trying to satisfy our inner hunger. Let’s face it, we’ve been taught to hunger for things on the outside. Many of us focus on food, drugs, sex, technology, and/or entertainment. We may obsess about how much money we have or how others see us. We may continually long for a vacation, a new job, or a wonderful partner. We may try to keep our inner hunger unconscious by developing a profound sense of boredom or keep ourselves too busy to get bored. Many of us are constantly looking for external stimuli to fulfill our internal hunger. We all have our ways to go to the outside, this is because we are not actually feeling ok on the inside.

But, as we go through life, we begin to notice that each time we fill ourselves up, we again come to feel empty. As Rudd says, “no matter how you try to satiate your hunger in the outer world, it will never be enough because…it is not outer space you long to explore, but inner space.” At this point in our journey, most of us want to get beyond the limits of our five-senses-self because we know that we are bigger than that. See more in my blog series “Moving from 3D to 5D”.

Enter the Gift

The Gift of Gene Key #35 is called Adventure. The adventure happens when we begin to see how trapped we are within our usual low frequency perception. Feeling trapped may not seem like a good thing, but, as we’ll discover, feeling trapped holds a hidden gift because when we work through our shadows, we begin to feel the energy of our gift. Rudd explains, “A new sense of freedom begins to rise up…We learn to stop our energy from moving out and direct it back inside.” (This is where the action occurs, and this is what we will be learning in future blogs.)

When the leap of awareness occurs from Shadow to Gift, we break through the hunger barrier of the head and blossom into the heart. Rudd says, “this always involves love…because love is the connective tissue underlying all creation.” The gift takes us beyond our usual mental awareness and propels us into the powerful energy-awareness of the heart.

The 35th Gene Key stands out as an anomaly. Rudd tells us:

This is the only place within all human DNA that human beings have a choice as to how their reality is constructed…it is as though the gods who designed the machine put in a hidden short-cut through…a wormhole that leads to a vast realm beyond our comprehension.

The Siddhi, or highest energy-frequency, for Gene Key #35 is Boundlessness. Rudd explains this frequency “invites human beings to expand their consciousness ….If you can entertain the concept of boundlessness in your daily life, you are automatically drawing yourself away from the lower frequencies.”


Wow, I just read over this blog and I’m super excited about our journey together this year.

We’ve already seen how we, and everything else, are made up of energy which changes. We’ve explored how our DNA can remain at low frequencies or can move us up into our higher dimensions. In essence, we can either learn to flow with our invisible life-energy or get in its way.

Gene Key #35 portends that we human beings have the inherent power to move into the energy-awareness of our heart. (We have yet to examine this exhilarating process, but we will.)

We will also explore the hidden processes that keep us in our heads and tethered to our usual low-level perspectives.

We will learn how to observe, connect, expand, and act in ways that help unleash the true potential of who we are.

Gene Key #35 also tells us that we have the genetic capacity to choose our reality. This is surprising and inspiring. How will we learn to direct our intention? What will we choose to create in our process of waking up?

Yes, there is still much to learn. These are the kinds of things that we will be exploring in future blogs. Stay tuned and we’ll see what my guides come up with next.

Now, it’s time to find out about your own Gene Keys. Get your own Personal Hologenetic Profile.

It’s free. You will instantly receive a wealth of information. You will be given your own set of Gene Key numbers. You will get to read some insights about personal questions such as, What am I here to do? What am I here to learn? What keeps me healthy? What deeply fulfills me?

On the Gene Keys page, keep scrolling down. There is a lot more information. Explore the different aspects of your Gene Profile. Click on various tabs and videos. There is a wonderful meditation with Richard Rudd. There is the beginning of a course you can try out if you wish. And all of this is free.

What’s buried in our DNA?

Image of DNA helix

DNA” by Lawrence OP is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 .

When I discovered Robert Rudd’s brilliant work, The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose, for weeks I devoured this tome of a book (over 500 pages). Meals were late, exercise skipped. I was fascinated. What I discovered is that Rudd’s 64 Gene Keys provide explanations on matters that are hugely important for the human race. The Gene Keys:

  • Reveal 64 ways we humans have lived, are living, and are destined to live in the future as a species
  • Unveil the secrets of the universe that connect ancient wisdom and contemporary genetic science
  • Divulge 64 slices of awakened Truth—ranging from our most dense human frequencies to our highest human potential
  • Disclose the underlying realties that exist for both our individual and collective consciousness
  • Explain the blueprints in our DNA which can, and will, ultimately save the human race

The more I read, the more excited I became. The Gene Keys not only uncover the hidden energy-frequencies that currently animate our lives; they explain the day-to-day workings of our mind, emotion, body, and soul. To top things off, the Gene Keys are designed to unlock our inate wisdom-energy and unleash the heartfelt frequencies that move us toward our most exalted selves.

Early in life, Robert Rudd had a mystical experience that kept him in a state of spiritual illumination for 3 days and nights as he downloaded deep, inspirational, knowledge. He then studied and contemplated this far-reaching intelligence for years. In 2002, it came together during a profound unification as he began to receive, and write, the 64 Gene Keys. Rudd says, “It took seven years to write the book, as well as understand and embody its teaching.”

I, for one, am very grateful for this knowledge because Rudd exposes the underlying secrets of DNA and how it truly impacts the reality that we create for ourselves on both an individual and collective level.

Turns out that our DNA is working like a hidden computer deep inside us. It provides the programming that tells our cells what to do. It impacts our physical manifestation of reality by laying out underlying patterns that invisibly control and shape our moods, emotions, and behaviors. It actually produces the pictures that we see on our inner screen, and the actions we take in the outer world.

The good news is that we can change our patterns of DNA by changing our own mental and emotional states. (More about this in future blogs.) When we change our energy state, we actually change our physical manifestation as well. For example, imagine what happens when you angrily say, “I’m never going to speak to you again.” Now imagine what happens when you playfully say the same thing with a silly smile. Feel the difference?

Rudd explains the change. He gives the specific genetic program for each of the 64 Gene Keys in a precise, decisive, and elegant way. He demonstrates how each Gene Key operates through three bands of energy, flowing from shadow to light.

1. The Shadow

The Shadow frequency “relates to all human suffering.” (This frequency is what we have been calling the low density, 3D, or ego dimension of reality.) We need to be careful because Rudd often uses unique language which is different from the usual interpretation of a word.

Some examples…

  • The word Deafness is used to describe the Shadow of the 43rd Gene Key; but here Deafness means “the inability to hear what is going on inside you.”
  • The word Confusion is used to describe the Shadow of the 64th Gene Key. Confusion is a great human Shadow which “sweeps across our world like a great blanket, smothering, disempowering, and screening… the true nature of reality.”

Although the Shadow dimensions are what keep us trapped, and limited, Rudd says, “Once you begin to understand how the Shadow frequency controls the majority of people in the world, including yourself, you realize how simple it is to move out of its grasp.” (We will address this issue in later blogs.)

2. The Gift

The Gift of each Gene Key involves a quantum leap in consciousness, beyond the Shadow state. For example…

  • Deafness becomes the Gift of Insight—allowing us to listen with clarity to our own unique personhood.
  • Confusion is actually “a state rippling with pure potentiality” and turns into the Gift of Imagination. This shift allows our inner spirit to face who we really are and overcome the mind’s tricks.

Rudd explains, “when you accept and embrace your Shadows, they reveal their true nature, and a new creative impulse is realized through you.” (This is what we are working toward this year—moving from Shadow to Gift.)

3. The Siddhi

The Siddhi is the highest energy frequency that humans can handle. (As far as Siddhi’s go, think avatars, like the Buddha or Ramana Maharshi.) Rudd says, “this frequency band relates to full embodiment and spiritual realization.” (At this stage in our spiritual journey, we humans may occasionally get a glimpse, or a taste, of such a state.)


In essence, Rudd’s 64 Gene Keys expose the Shadows which hold us back, elucidate the Gifts that we can move into, and finally explain the highest dimensions of our True Nature—all of which are intertwined within our DNA. The good new is our DNA can be changed with our own intention.

In the next blog post we will take a look at how the Gene Keys affect, and dictate, our consciousness on an individual, personal, level. Stay tuned.

The I Ching corresponds to the Gene Keys

In the meantime, you may wish to take a look at the ancient version of the 64 hexagrams found in the sacred text of The I Ching, the illuminations of which come from the teachings of Confucius, which date back to 400 BC. These early missives directly correspond to the 64 contemporary Gene Keys developed by Robert Rudd.

As teenagers, a friend and I used to throw three coins to discover personal messages found in The I Ching. This book seemed to reveal truths that were somehow housed deep inside us. We were often amazed at the wisdom that came from these simple hexagram codes.

In case you want to throw your own modern-day hexagrams, here’s a link to a book that is simple and easy to use. It’s called I Ching, or the Book of Changes: A Guide To Life’s Turning Points by Brian Brown Walker. Have fun.

Energy is us

Abstract with equation over outer space scene.
“Little Known” by Victorrochajr | CC BY 2.0

Taking a deep dive into reality

When we get down to basics, the truth is we are beings of energy trying to navigate within a human body. We come housed in a bio-body that is made of pure energy. The home we live in, the trees we look at, the car we drive, the chair we sit on—are all pure energy.

Dee Wallace sums it up simply by saying, “At its most basic, everything is energy – no matter how it appears in our physical world. Solid things are vibrating at a slower frequency. Light vibrates at a higher frequency…energy makes up the building blocks of everything.” 

This means:

  • Your brain is energy
  • Your body is energy
  • Your DNA is energy
  • Your thoughts are energy
  • Your feelings are energy
  • Taking a deep dive into reality
  • Your moods are energy

But here is the thing. As Einstein said, “Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.”

Since Einstein’s time, quantum physics has found that the entire Field of the Universe (of which we are an integral part) is 99.999% empty. In essence this means we humans are only experiencing about 0.001% of the reality that actually exists!

This is hard for most of us to understand. For example, when my husband reads about energy, illusion, and emptiness, he says, “This illusion stuff is all very well and good, but I can still stub my toe.” Sure enough; that’s because we need to heed what Nikola Tesla, the great inventor, said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” 

As it turns out, the frequency of our energy is what matters. At low energy frequencies, we experience the world from our 3D ego/shadow perspective. From higher frequencies, we experience the world from a much calmer and more compassionate perspective. We get glimpses of our amazing 5D potential. This knowledge is what we focused on last year in the 3D-5D series.

This year we want to understand how energy underlies our innate ability to reach our highest potential because…

Energy is important

Robert Rudd, the author of The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose, gives us a clue when he tells each of us:

“You have a unique genetic sequence (energy-frequency) that dictates (controls) the unfolding of your true nature.”

— Robert Rudd

Energy determines who we are, how we feel, and how we live our lives. Our whole being, both human and spiritual, is activated and made up of energy. As Einstein said, “The Field (of which we are an integral part) is the sole governing agency of matter.”

Bruce Lipton agrees:

Invisible fields of energy shape matter and form our world, as they do other invisible fields like radio waves, TV, and solar. Energy constitutes a field. The field we are in shapes who we are. You can’t ignore the field because life is an expression of the field…People can feel these fields, feel the vibration of them. In our human system we can distinguish good vibes from bad vibes. This means energy can enhance who we are, or energy can suppress who we are.

Consciousness turns out to be one of the primary energy fields, shaping our thoughts and what we experience. The energy field is governing who we are. Consciousness is creating life experiences. If you change consciousness, you’re changing the field! (For those who wish to have a more detailed explanation, see what Bruce Lipton says later in this blog.)

The good news is that energy can be changed (just like water can boil, steam, flow, freeze, cloud up, rain, sleet, or fog.) This means with understanding, and practice, we can change the energy frequencies of our brain, our body, our DNA, our thoughts, our feelings, our moods, and our spirit.

Getting back to the stubbed toe. When we stub a toe in 3D frequency, we might hop around, say #!?# and feel sorry for ourselves, preparing to have a bad day. When we stub a toe in 5D frequency, we feel the sensation from a higher/lighter perspective and release the energy through the heart. When we start to identify as an energy being, we start to see everything differently.

And this is what our journey is about, changing our energy frequency from our low shadow frequencies to the higher frequencies that are available to us. (We’ll learn more about this, and how it is connected to our DNA in the next blog.)

Note: what follows is some added information from Bruce Lipton for those who wish to have a more detailed explanation of how energy is illusionary emptiness:

How it is that I can see you in front of me, or a tree, or building? It’s because the illusion of physicality is based on light made up of a vortex of extremely high energy, like a force of nano tornados. I can see you because your body is energy whirling with nano-tornados. Photons of light act as light particles, hit the energy of the body and are bounced back. So, you don’t see me; you see a reflection of photons. Underneath that layer of photons, I’m invisible. It’s only when the lights are on that you can see the energy field, you can see me.

Well, you say, how come I can feel you and touch you? Again, consider the tornado. A tornado is a force field of energy, a vortex of extremely high energy. What you feel as physical is the force of billions and trillions of nano-tornados, which you can’t push through. Why is this relevant? You can feel a tornado; it’s got energy and touch. All the atoms in your body are like nano tornados. If you try to push through your body, you can’t because you are hitting all those tornados.

Take this ENERGY QUIZ: Together the following symbols create a sentence. What does it say to you? (Note: This quiz will not appear correctly on a cell phone.)

ANSWER: Energy leads to sunrises, plants, crawling critters, fish, birds, animals, flowers, trees, people, houses, cities, cars, and everything the exists!

If you guessed correctly, give yourself some energy points!

2023: Let’s get the world off our backs

Atlas carrying earth with bird flying
“Releasing Atlas” by Cornelia Kopp | CC BY-ND 2.0

I’m so excited about the journey we are about to take together this year. Again, little by little, we will unwind, expand, and rejoice.

As one subscriber wrote last year:

Thank you for your gifts of words dancing through these pages. I feel so nurtured and loved from your visions of growth – walking – dancing – watching – feeling – loving all the way – chop wood – fry eggs – dance – tip toe – drive car – weed garden – read & imagine feeling a new knowing even for a second – reaching out – forgiving myself even for a second – daring to keep going alone…

…keep walking – keep reaching – keep breathing & having the awareness – feeling my feet in my slippers – hearing the clock ticking – the wind in the trees – the sunset – keep on keep on & on & then stop and breathe deeply – in & out – out & in – again & again – abundance & overflowing – blood running through & through – appreciation for my fingers reaching out to you…. all is well.

In 2023, you can expect a wild ride. This is because I have been studying, contemplating, growing, and expanding. I have been horrified to discover how pre-programmed I actually am. I’ve been inspired to see how we can move from our shadows to the built-in gifts that we’ve been given as humans.

New learnings and insights are bursting to come out of my mouth. As Thomas Hubl (an international teacher whose work integrates the great wisdom traditions and science.) once said to me, “You don’t need to work on what’s above. You need to bring your realizations down. When you do this the Earth will become your Field, and your mouth will start to open.”

Well, I have come down to Earth, and my mouth is spilling over with new knowledge to share, things I had never really integrated before.

More and more I realize that we arrive in this life pre-programmed with a blueprint based on fear. So, much of our thoughts and behaviors are automatic, trapped in this fear.

On the other hand, each of us can transcend this programming. We can draw on power that is already available to us. This takes dedication to our authentic selves and the opening of our hearts.

To get the world off our backs…

  • We need to wake up. Pull back the curtain, expose the hidden, underlying, dynamics that keep us locked in chaos and division. To save our race, our species, we need to move beyond our low 3D perceptions of reality. We need to up our game. We need to human up.
  • We need to ask some tough personal questions. Are we brave enough to see how most of our thoughts and behaviors are still rooted in fear? Dare we explore how often we are running an automatic program? Are we willing to open our hearts, ramp up our courage, and move into our higher 5D perspectives?
  • We need to uncover the hidden frequencies that personally keep us stuck, even after years of trying. We need to discover the knowledge and skills necessary to unlock the doors of limitation and move into who we truly are.
  • We need to know that we can transcend our current perspective. We can learn to work with our greater intelligence, the one that is beckoning us to move on. This infinite Life force is patiently waiting for us to accept the gifts of our amazing human capacity.

What follows is a list of topics that we will explore as we journey together in 2023

We are going to dive into…

  • Things your mother never taught you, nor your school, society, or science
  • Scientific things that will blow your mind; if the world is an illusion, then why can I see you and touch you
  • What about your DNA
  • Things you need to know that go beyond the usual spiritual rhetoric (This has been a lifesaver for me)
  • How to dialogue with both your higher (gift) and lower (shadow) self
  • What’s really going on inside your mind
  • The horror of your automatic self
  • The willingness to come out of your familiar box
  • The hidden dimension that controls you and your life
  • Cutting through the junk. Discovering new dynamics that help set us free (Directing energy is key)

In 2023 we will probably laugh and cry along the way, but that’s life. It’s the price we pay for breaking out of our box and moving beyond.


To current subscribers: I invite you to forward this blog post to everyone you think might be interested in joining us so that we can increase the frequencies that we as a group are sending out into the world. (Remember, I only email once every three weeks or so, and never share the list with others.)

If you are not already a subscriber, and if this resonates with you, please sign up here and pass this on to your friends. Thanks.

A Gift: Source speaks softly

Red roses close up
“Red Means I Love You” by j3ssl33 | CC BY 2.0.

While I was wondering what I could offer you, my fellow companions on this journey of life, the following words were channeled to me by Source as a gift or all of us in these times of both stress and potential.

Source speaks softly

It’s OK dear one to soften your habitual parts: You still have remnants in your mind, body, and soul—laid down before you had learned about me. Some were imprinted long before you had words, acquired before you could understand. Other parts were formed by parents, teachers, and society and became habits over time. These remnants are not who you are. You are much greater than that.

It’s OK dear one to soften your mind-stream: Let it retract. It’s been working so hard all these years—filling up the space which you were so afraid to leave empty. This was necessary back then to keep you feeling safe and secure and to give you your imagined world. But the manifest world has become some “thing” that you’ve learned to hold onto. The truth and the silence have been covered up.

Your higher mind can now see how your compacted mind is no longer needed. Your higher mind can now see that your usual mind is just a composition, a construct. It’s a complicated structure of thought forms—made up of passing memories, sensations, beliefs, and habits picked up along the way. You are now able to see how you have glommed onto these passing forms—giving them your attention, treating them as if they were real.

But dear one, you have become identified with these forms, mistakenly taken them to be who you are. So now just stay with me within the moving stillness. Watch how the forms of thought come unbidden—like birds appearing in the sky or traffic passing on the street. These thought forms will keep coming like a wheel that keeps turning but pay them no mind. They are not you. There is a whole world that awaits you.

It’s OK dear one to soften your more mature parts: You now understand I am here in this ever-present, eternal moment and have always been. You are knitted into the very fabric of existence—and beyond. You cannot be dropped or lost—unlike the younger parts you continue to fear. Be not afraid. As I enter your conscious mind, you will come to see you are no longer in need of the made-up world. I am showing you the incredible world that actually Is, that actually exists for you right now. I bring light through your body and take it all the way down into the ground—away from the usual mind. Have patience. Together we will clean out all the rooms so that you can host me as a permanent guest.

It’s OK dear one to soften your body even more: I am your every sinew, tissue, muscle, cell, and bone. You no longer have to tighten, to hold your “self” up, and go it alone. That unconscious habit can be put to rest now, as I am consciously flooding your body—giving it life and filling it with light. I am coursing through your brain, and your circulatory and nervous systems. The more you soften, the freer I am to penetrate every atom, expanding the light of your body, making you more able to both give and receive.

It’s OK dear one to soften your heart even more: It’s OK to open up and be vulnerable, as I am a built-in part of you. We exist together like a sponge swaying in the sea of Life’s currents— porous, aware, alive, awake! Just let tides and storms flow though, taking in life’s nourishment and eliminating all debris. Open to old wounds, hurt, betrayals and beliefs. The more you open, the more I am able to slip into every nook and cranny of what you are—healing every fissure, every separation. I am with you consciously now—at the very heart of Being and Life Itself.

It’s OK now to be totally you with all your parts—both imagined and real. I will guide the way. With this brilliance there is no need for old blueprints; we just go forth into the unknown. With genuine practice, we can rewrite the past together—with openness, authenticity, and love. Go now in peace and love.

Threads of abundance and gratitude: For what are you thankful?

"Talking of doorways" , 450x850
“Talking of doorways” by scrappy annie | CC BY-NC 2.0

Most of us are surrounded by strands of life that twist and turn, separate, and come back together woven into a fabric that defines how we live. The threads on which we choose to focus determine how our lives unfold. So many negative things are happening in our world today — division, discontent, gripes, rigid belief systems, mass shootings, inflation, war, and depression.

I wonder, will we get all tied up and live in our little, pre-conceived egoic boxes? Will we choose the abundance to which we knowingly, or unknowingly, are freely given? Will we allow ourselves to fully experience gratitude?

Right up front I need to tell you that this blog was guided. Yes, I did want to learn more about abundance and gratitude, but I hadn’t a clue as to how to go about it. As it turns out, my guides came through with flying colors. First, they said, “Look at what other people say about abundance.”


“Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.” –Napoleon Hill

“Abundance is not a number or acquisition. It is the simple recognition of enough-ness.” –Alan Cohen

“If you want to feel rich, just count all of the things you have that money can’t buy.” –Unknown author

Second, my guides told me to take a look at what ancient mystical principles, modern quantum physics, and contemporary spiritual teachers say about abundance. With this in mind, and from my own experience, I brought together the principles of ancient wisdom and the knowings of contemporary teachers. Turns out they all point to the fact that true abundance is already available for each and every human being. This knowledge can be found woven throughout the works of some of our greatest teachers — Thomas Hubl, A.H. Almaas, Dr. Sue Morten, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Craig Hamilton, Matt Kahn, and many others. Each of these teachers assures us that all of what is listed below is readily available to us as human beings.

  • Everything is Energy, including us.
  • We are love. We are already enough.
  • Life is Absolute Truth. We cannot be separated from life because it is what we are.
  • Life supports everything—doorknobs, fish, and us too. Life says “yes” to all.
  • We are free to choose our own inner environment, our own inner reality.
  • In Absolute Wholeness there is no lack, scarcity, wanting or needing.
  • Life energy holds infinite possibilities.
  • We are creatures with the power to create what we desire.
  • Life unfolds in Magical Possibilities.

Some of us still don’t believe this stuff. Dr. Sue tells us that it’s because we haven’t yet experienced the high vibrational frequencies of love:

Nature provides for you everything that you need. There isn’t something outside of you that is necessary for you to have whatever you are looking for… We all have access to all of the materials…and elements…that are necessary to have the things we desire to manifest.

​Others have more practical ideas. An anonymous person said: “The key to abundance is to stop needing more, and to start appreciating what you already have.”

Esther Hicks says: “The fastest way to bring more wonderful examples of abundance into your personal experience is to take constant notice of the wonderful things that are already there.”

Deepak Chopra says: “You must find a place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.”

Next, my guides suggest that I take a good look at gratitude and “make it personal.”

Gratitude wisdom

So, what are we actually grateful for in the midst of our present day lives? I looked at what a few people have said about gratitude.

Michael Bernard Beckwith said: “Gratitude places you in the energy field of plentitude. Glow with gratitude and see how awe and joy will make their home in you.” 

Wayne Dyer s “The universe provides abundantly when you’re in a state of gratefulness…gratitude is a sacred space where you allow, and know, that a force greater than your ego is always at work and always available.”

But this information seemed a bit too lofty. I was at a loss as to what to do next. Then, while meditating, I got the hit, “Do a survey.” Wow, good idea!

Gratitude survey results

Off I went. I sent out email requests to a few readers and friends. Then I asked all kinds of people—on the street, people who were fishing, construction workers, other friends, neighbors, maintenance people, people walking by, immigrants, and people in the grocery store. I asked each person, “With the world as it is today, what are you most grateful for?” Honestly, some responses brought tears to my eyes. I was blown away. What follows is a small sampling of what people said:

I’m grateful for…

Every time I focus on what I am grateful for my heart expands and joy arises

Being born at a time when love is everything, the experience of life, being alive

Water, to drink, cook, wash my great grandson, the rhythmic hum of rain on the roof

My heart softening touched and responsive to life’s prodigious offerings……ahhhh!

Morning tea….hot and sweet, sipped and savored, sunrises and sunsets, stars, and the moon in the night sky

For people walking around asking that question, puts a smile on my face

Just got approved for housing. As a single father of three little ones it will help a lot

The great Isness of the day, this planet, my Honey, and my vegetable garden

My health, the ability to stretch, breathe, make breakfast

Life is so rich, so many blessings, grand and small. My long-term friends, Godiva chocolate, air conditioning

Laughter, small ones, and big belly-hurting ones. Best sound ever.

Living in this country I have life I could not imagine. I think it comes from above

The abundance of colors around me, flowers in gardens, dyes in clothes, the crystal window globe on sunny days, colors in my paint box

Me good. Day good. My dog good.

Deep talks, silent sharing, boundaries blur, oneness stirs an old memory, returning HOME to love, in love, as love, as all…..ummm!

My loving partner, a warm blanket, a wiggling puppy

Everything! Everything! Putting in cement here, changing a lightbulb there, it all adds

A morning breeze, a gentle rain, a puddle in which to step, a home that shelters me and keeps me warm.

A body that works, health, hope, survival, second chances

Smiles, love, quantum physics, emotions good and bad, my ability to be generous

My faith in god, love, and life

My friends and family, especially the ones I can share intimately with, being with my grandkids

The sun in early morning, the water rippling as fish come towards me on the bridge

My sister, trees. Now that I think about it, I’m going to make a list like I’ve read about

In closing, it turns out that we are indeed thankful for it all, even, or especially in the midst of this troubled world. So, I’ll leave you with this question: With the world as it is today, what are you most grateful for?

Be as a child again (grandmother and boy)

Boy smells flowers

The picture above tells a truth about who we really are. Each of us was born with the loving frequency of joy, openness, and curiosity. Just watch a young child and you will see. The story that follows reveals the existence of this loving quantum frequency that each of us experienced as openhearted children. The disruption of this frequency came as we developed our limited personality perspectives according to our own life circumstances. Amnesia set in and we forgot.

So today, in these times of turbulence, let’s give ourselves a break. Let’s take a moment to remember what Life is really like—pure, natural, curious, full of both pain and joy. To help us remember, I’d like to invite you to experience the true story of a boy, a grandmother, and a magical journey. So, slow your breath down, breathe deeply, and enjoy the ride.

“Love like you’ve never been hurt.”
— A. Koebin

A Boy, a Grandmother, and a Magical Journey

Once upon a time an eight-year-old boy began to think that there might be a God. When his grandmother asked him about this, the boy said, “Well Grammy, I just think there must be something more.”

So, the boy and the grandmother decided to explore. They would be detectives—sort of like a magical Sherlock Holmes. They climbed into a “silocopter” (which is like a helicopter, but it has no sound because it is silence) and they went flying up into the silence:

Grandmother (G): Now let’s be very quiet. We’ll just watch and see what happens. It’s sort of like being a cat that’s waiting for a mouse to come out of a hole—except we don’t know what’s going to come out! There’s just silence. And we wait.

Boy (B): OK. I’m waiting. I don’t see anything yet. Oh, wait a minute. I see a cat. And there’s lots of space. Now there’s a cloud that’s forming. It’s sort of hazy and I think there might be rain in it, but it’s not raining.

G: OK, let’s see what happens.

B: The cloud is changing. Now it’s all white and fluffy. It’s a happy cloud!

G: Hmm, white, fluffy, and happy.

B: Yeah. There is a lot of space around the cloud. And the space goes on forever and ever. Now there’s another cat and he’s smiling. He’s happy.

G: That’s interesting. Let’s wait and see what happens next.

B: Hey, the cat’s disappearing. Now it’s all white and like milky. I feel really, really, good. Oh, now there is something green coming up, like a tiny sprout. Wait, it’s growing and growing and growing. Now it’s bigger than you!

G: Yikes!

B: Here comes a little branch, and more and more branches. And now roots are starting to form too. There’s some black; it’s a funny black; it’s like heavy. And there’s red too.

G: That red feels strong!

B: Yeah, it is. It’s very strong. Oh no. My normal mind is coming up. Multiplication. This is so random. I hate multiplication!

G: That’s OK. Let’s just watch in space and see what happens.

B: Hey it disappeared. It was just a thought. And now there are Ninjas and more Ninjas and cats. What’s with all these Ninja’s and cats? There’s a red cat. You don’t get to see a red cat that often. Now it’s changing again! It’s all black. It’s a really nice black. I can’t really describe it, but I like it. And there’s lots of space too.

G: More space! Wow! This black feels all silky to me—sort of like I’m taking a bath in warm, melted, chocolate.

B: Yeah, and it’s like peaceful, very peaceful. And now I’m waiting. Blank…blank…blank….blank….blank. I’m waiting. Now there’s a different kind of space! It’s clear, really, really clear! And I can see that everything is in me! It’s all inside me!

G: Yes, it is.

B: I can see thoughts and feelings and colors and everything. And it’s all really, really happy.

G: It feels kind of joyous.

B: Yeah, joy! That’s the word! And it’s so peaceful. Wow! I think this is what happens when people meditate.

G: Yes, it is. But we don’t have to sit in funny positions!

B: Wow, now there is nothing here! It’s de-void. Nothing…nothing…nothing. Wait a minute, there’s a picture coming in. There’s a hand and an arm, now another hand and another arm, and more hands coming down. The hands are like holding. It’s so peaceful and content. There are no needs here. It’s just peaceful like you couldn’t believe. I see Mom. She’s smiling, and Dad too, and the three cats. It’s all happy. There is nothing needed.

G: I feel it too. Let’s just rest here.

B: Yeah. Now my normal mind is coming back again. There’s anger. There’s anger and hate and sadness and pain and despair.

G: That’s OK, this space allows it all to come in. Let’s just watch and see what happens.

B: Hey, it all just turned into nothing. Blank… blank … blank. Now there’s light. It’s sort of a white yellow. It’s very bright. It’s gleaming. I see a huge golden throne but there’s no one sitting in it. Up above the throne there’s like a big shining letter coming in. It’s a “G”! And it’s like written in gold—all shiny. Everything is very peaceful.

A long, long silence occurs.

G: Are you there?

B: Yes, but there’s nothing to say.

G: There are no words here.

B: No words.

Long silence again.

G: I’m going to hang up now and leave you with where you are.

B: OK. Thank you so much for showing me how to do this, Grammy. This is what you wanted to talk to me about isn’t it.


This story reveals a capacity with which we all were born, the capacity to set our constricted minds free to wander into our higher intelligence.

The child in this transcript didn’t just happen to discover silence, joy, peace, a wonderful “nothingness”, and a spaciousness in which there “are no words.” He didn’t just happen to see a “huge golden throne” and the letter “G.” What manifested was the result of setting his mind free and allowing it to drift into his higher soul-consciousness.

This genuine unfolding of higher consciousness demonstrates the natural ability we have as humans. This is an ability we can re-discover. We can witness what’s really going on inside of us with open-ended inquiry. We can allow images to come and go without the mind’s engagement. We can witness colors and emotions that spontaneously pop up. We can open to our quantum spaciousness. When we do this, our mind is set free to explore. We come across things that our usual protective mind would judge as weird, unfamiliar, and dismiss. But what if we don’t do this? Well, then the true journey begins.

(Note: In this book, with the help of a compassionate adult reader, Silocopter actually comes alive and has helped children overcome severe depression, painful divorces, and deaths of beloved animals. Good for ages 8-12.)

Clear the gauze: Taste the freedom

“Texture for Layer” by Theresa Thompson | CC BY 2.0

For days and nights, there has been confusion, sleeplessness, and contemplation. What’s going on? There is absolutely no way I can figure this out. I tell myself, “Just stay open and trust, open and trust, open and trust.” Whoa, now the confusion along with thoughts, sounds, tastes, and my wandering mind are reducing, instantly morphing into a dark compacted spot. This concentrated spot is intensely centered, focused, mysterious.

I listen. The area behind my brow is congested, hard and murky. Allow. Just allow. Neural brain processing is working on something. Oh, old congestion is wakening up, vibrating. Old, ragged clothes are shaking themselves out, airing their energy legs. There is both tension and aliveness here. The space behind my nose is vibrating with an alive sound in silence, producing a silky, luxurious, bliss. Now, there is freedom, glorious freedom!

The I of the “I” is absorbing Itself! It’s a streaming creation which is brimming, nourishing, and morphing into completeness.

The freedom is allowing everything to keep moving on. Now, utter relaxation of my body and nervous system sinking into deep relief. From this frequency I notice that I am actually just a concept being absorbed by Beingness. That’s OK. I realize this eternal moment IS IT. This is actually all there is. It can be no other way. There is nowhere else to go. Nothing to do but be in its flow.

The little mind enters again and does its thing, bumbling around and losing its way. Allow, just allow. My little mind fades and then returns, again trying to establish and maintain itself. I’m onto you sister!

Now back again into a deeper, wider, perspective, into the capacity to allow, to leave, and become the future emerging, morphing. There is an exquisite silky lubricating fluid and a luxurious waterfall as all thoughts, feelings, memories, sensations, and emotions keep slip sliding away moment to moment. This is Freedom! Thank you.


This comes from a journal entry that I wrote years ago. It still packs a wallop for me since I am constantly vacillating between my little limited self and the grand existence that I actually am. This is true for us all. So, let us treat ourselves and each other with love and compassion. Let us not forget that we are humans learning to be spiritual, and at the same time, we are spirits learning how to operate a human bio-vehicle. Not an easy task.

Raising your frequency of love

“A few of the ways I love you” by Timothy K. Hamilton | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

One morning I decided to listen to a Circle of Light (COL) meditation called Raising the Frequency of the Personal and Planetary Love Paradigm in the Temple of the Heart. It took me on a wonderful journey. I would like to give you the opportunity to experience this meditation for yourself and discover where it leads you. It can be fun and instructive at the same time.

I asked the Circle of Light if I could paraphrase this meditation and offer it to you. They answered with an enthusiastic “yes.”

So, in this blog you will find this meditation to experience for yourself. Please keep the following suggestions in mind as you read the Circle of Light’s meditation prompts:

  • Respect any and all words and images that come to you.
  • Take the time to have your own experience. (The actual COL recording is an hour long with plenty of space for silence.)
  • Relax into your body.
  • Read each prompt slowly.
  • Allow each prompt to fill itself out for you.
  • Go inside your body to discover whatever is there. Stay out of your head. (Remember that your higher power knows much more than you.)
  • Observe. Allow yourself to feel into whatever comes up—colors, shapes, images, feelings, sounds.
  • Know that the Circle of Light will guide you. Don’t be shy. The Circle of Light will support you, guaranteed. Whatever comes up for is just right for you at this time in your journey. Trust. You may wish to take notes. (That’s what I often do.) Even if you don’t understand something at the moment, that’s OK. What comes up will trigger your subconscious to explore further in its own way, even beyond this meditation.

The meditation

As I type this, the Circle of Light are inviting you personally to experience this meditation. Here is what the Circle of Light said as it was channeled to me:

The heart reveals where you are holding beliefs that are unhelpful to you. We ask that you go inside yourself. Scan your body to find where you are holding tensions and obstructive beliefs. Go ahead. Take your time. Scan your body and see what you find.

Love and accept all these parts of you. These parts want to be seen, heard, and released.

Now, imagine you are being taken into a healing temple of love which is just for you. Go slowly. See how your temple comes into form. (Notice shapes, colors, configurations, sensations, sounds, whatever arises for you.)

From here you are able to experience deeper love. Notice the energy within your body, within your mind, and throat—within your entire energy field. Take your time to observe, explore. See how it feels.

Imagine that within this temple of love, you find all the ones who have supported your journey, consciously or unconsciously—your higher consciousness, various friends and family members, guides, and those with whom you have explored relationship. Take your time.

What do you experience? Allow yourself to receive the love. If love feels distant, just make it up for now. We are here for you. You are loved. Take your time.

Now, imagine a pool of water washing away and transmuting any energy in the form of scars and wounds from relationships, love, memories, belief structures, traumas or hurt. Again, take you time. Allow. Explore.

As the old gets washed away, allow yourself to feel the love of all those who have supported you. Let it feel good.

Now, imagine all your personal, planetary, and universal templates are dissolving from your being. These templates have rested within your energetic structure for eons. These templates are now being resolved and restored.

Allow yourself to be part of this, your, planetary realm. Allow whatever comes up.

Finally, we invite you to re-align with your own truth as an infinite, powerful human being.

I hope, pray, and believe that each of you will find valuable information as you experiment with this meditation. Each one of us is unique. Please write and let me know what happened for you.

Three ways to release resistance

Abstract Backgrounds by NichoDesign, 800x450
“Abstract Backgrounds” by NichoDesign | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Intro: We talked about resistance in the last blog. We can see how resistance can become an obstacle unless we do something about it. I’ve heard plenty of people say, “It is what it is” or “What happens is meant to be.”

I’ve said these kinds of things myself. Some people may think this means they are actually “surrendering” to life. Unfortunately, the frequency of Life doesn’t work like this. (Remember, wakening up is a participative process.)

In truth, surrendering happens to us when we relax enough to have Life’s frequency take the lead. We humans are not really in control of true surrender. The good news is that at some point on our spiritual path we do start to release our old stuff. This allows new experiences to be discovered and opens us up to our more-expanded self.

So, what are some things we can do to the release old patterns that are inhibiting our unfoldment?

Work: Feel an uncomfortable feeling

Identify exactly where the feeling is located in your body. (This is important. It helps the healing frequency find just the right area in which to work.) Hold your awareness of this feeling as you breathe. Imagine your breath is going in and out through your heart. Breathe in this way for four or five breaths.

Now sense that this uncomfortable feeling is moving out, bit by bit, through your heart. Each time you exhale, breathe a bit more of this feeling out through your heart. Affirming, “I release this feeling.” Do this with each subsequent outbreath.

When you feel ready, breathe in new energy. On each inbreath, affirm, “I receive peace, calm, Grace (or whatever is right for you in the moment). With each outbreath, feel that new feeling spreading throughout your body.

Give yourself time to let this new feeling set in. Now, notice how your uncomfortable feeling has been replaced by a new sense of peace. Congratulations, you’ve done the work!

Note: This exercise has been adapted from one that I learned in the course, 21 Days to Your Higher Power, with Dawson Church.

Sleep: Have an intention

Research shows that when you sleep, your ego mind shuts down. Then your subconscious mind is completely open to release old baggage. So, sleep and dreaming is good, whether you remember your dreams or not. Even when you have crazy dreams, you are releasing old energy that is no longer needed. Research also suggests that falling asleep is a perfect time to imagine your intention, for example, wanting to wake up and be willing to let go of old stuff.

Play: Find your Quantum Creature

One day, while meditating, I was frustrated by my inability to release old energy. Then this fun, hungry, creative creature arrived. Here is what happened:

Whoa, out of the blue, a Quantum Creature arises, a creature that’s awake within me. I can feel it. I watch. This creature is devouring anything and everything old that comes up. Poof. Gone. This quantum energy is enormous, dynamic, compelling, all consuming. Extraordinarily powerful, it’s creating its own space within me. It’s co-creative!

Now, I realize that human and divine energies have combined. They are manifesting, influencing, and creating the reality in this very on-going moment. Amazing.

I just watch as the Quantum Creature devours everything. Wait, now my old mind wants to enter, to intervene. No problem. Slurp. The Quantum Creature just laps it up. Yummy. Old mind-energy is just food meant to be digested, reconstituted, purified, redirected towards the good.

Suddenly, I’m edgy. I want to quit this meditation, move on. (This wanting to move away from my deeper reality is yet another old pattern of mine.) But, the Quantum Creature says, “Ooh, this is a really tasty morsal—so packed with habitual energy. Yes. Bring it on. Go ahead, woman. Bring in more emotions, patterns, and obstacles to be metabolized. I love it.”

Quantum Creature is gobbling up all the old energy. It’s like an alchemical process—converting old crap into gold. The universe is cleansing itself. Yeah!

Takeaway: I pray that you find your own version of divine cleansing. (A friend sent me a picture of her Quantum Creature, which looks very different from the one I’ve posted at the beginning of this blog.) So, go ahead. Explore. Contemplate. Meditate. Let your mind go. See what happens when you open to your own Quantum Creature cleanup frequency. And please, send me a note to let me know what happens.