Series intro: Transcending the 6 Core Wounds of Humanity

“Wounded” by philwirks | CC BY-ND 2.0.

This is the intro to the Six Core Wounds blog post series.

Prologue: In previous blog posts, we examined how early imprints from childhood are still leaving their mark on us as adults. We’ve teamed up with our inner child to help resolve early scars. We discovered how the skill of Inquiry can play an important role in uncovering and healing our immature life-strategies. We’ve explored the hidden impact that our genes play in unwinding our Shadows and moving on to our Gifts.

Now it’s time to go into more depth to understand what’s actually holding us back. So, we’re going to take a look at the source of all our distress, trauma, discomfort, and pain.

There are six core wounds that lie at the heart of our humanity. These wounds are buried deep within our DNA. They are the cause of all our human suffering.

Each of these wounds have actually been programmed into our DNA blueprint. These wounds exist to irritate us, to make us miserable. As Buddha said, “Life is full of suffering.” Like it or not, suffering comes with the territory of being human.

All suffering comes from our Shadow frequencies:

  • We experience Shadows in the 3D egoic frequency, which is the lowest of human frequencies. Every Shadow dims our life energy. Every Shadow can challenge us on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Shadows are filled with discomfort, fear, struggle, reaction, stress, doubt, and desires which can never be fulfilled.
  • Shadows are not inherently bad. Shadows are designed to cause human suffering, to egg us on so that we want to relieve our stress and move on to higher levels of consciousness. Shadows are built into our biology to press us to move on, to evolve, to wake up.
  • Shadows create patterns in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. These pattens loop around. They trigger us over and over again. They trap the life force in our body, rather than allowing it to burst forth, expand, bloom.
  • When we live in our Shadows (which most of us unconsciously do most of the time), we suffer more than need be. Shadow living means that we are living from our head, not the heart. This limits our energy and our human potential.
  • At the Shadow level, we have no idea of what is actually possible for us as humans. Shadows, when understood at the deepest level of self, hold an enormous amount of consciousness; as it turns out, each Shadow holds a tremendous Gift.

So, let’s move on—discovering, uncovering, learning about our own Shadows in order that we move into our Gifts, where living becomes an entirely different, and wonderful, experience. We will explore each of these wounds in detail in the next blog posts.

The 6 core wounds

Here are the six core wounds (from Richard Rudd’s book The Gene Keys: Embracing your higher purpose):

Repression is the primary wound of humanity. (#40 Gene Key)

Denial is the deep physical tension of fear in our body expressed as anger and aggression. (#17 Gene Key)

Shame is the profound feeling of being constricted. (#25 Gene Key)

Rejection is the closing of our heart. (#43 Gene Key)

Guilt is the unconscious karmic debt that we all carry. (#4 Gene Key)

Separation is the ultimate wound of humanity. (#63 Gene Key)

We want to understand that the DNA which lays dormant within our Shadows is just trying to wake us up. Our very biology wants us to move out of our low frequency Shadow states into our higher frequency Gift states. Life wants us to learn to live in the state of love and peace and relaxation. Life wants us to engage, discover, expand so that we can best contribute The Great Transformation which is occurring behind the scenes.

Most of what I have explained, and will be explaining in the posts to come, is sourced from knowledge gained through Richard Rudd’s profound work in The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose and from my own personal experience with life.

By the end of this wound series, my hope is that each of us will have discovered which of the six wounds is most dominant for us and how all the others affect us too.

Inquiry: An essential life skill

Text notes on spiral ruled paper.
“Inquiry Notes” by William M Ferriter | CC BY-NC 2.0

What Inquiry can do for you

Prologue: We’ve been talking about the great transformation that’s taking place in human consciousness. We want to be on board that train. We don’t want to be left behind with a life that is dull and unfulfilling. We want to learn how to continually refresh our view, define ourselves anew, expand our consciousness. In this way, we can learn to handle the chaos that takes place both inside us and outside us. We can live a life of expansion, joy, and abundance. This is where the skill of inquiry comes in.

What does it mean to inquire?

Inquiry is a skill of deep inner exploration. It’s not hard to do. It just takes some curiosity, openness, and willingness to follow whatever comes up. I like to call inquiry “body talk” because we just pay attention, feel into what’s happening, and listen to what our body is trying to tell us—without judgment.

Who cares if old memories or weird images come into view? Who cares if parts of us start to talk with other parts of us? Who cares if flashes of insight or deep knowings occur? We just stay and watch as things come and go. If we get stuck on something, we just watch and see where it leads us. We allow our thoughts, insights, memories, and emotions to blow in like the wind. We find that whatever does arise will morph and lead us in yet another direction. That’s the fascinating part. We just have to be willing to follow whatever shows up. Inquiry is a process that will lead us to our highest and best self.

Inquiry can be both simple and profound. It can go up and down and swirl around. I learned inquiry as a student in the Diamond Approach many years ago. This amazing process of discovery has proven to be invaluable. It’s an inside tool that I use on a daily basis to stay current and alive in my process. Following are a few personal examples.

Inquiry example 1: A flash of insight while brushing my teeth

For weeks, I’d been waking up feeling down, heavy, and wondering why. Then one morning, as I was brushing my teeth, the answer came in like a flash; that heavy feeling was simply a remnant of my old ego shell. And, poof, the feeling disappeared.

Inquiry example 2: Triggered while eating

I was totally enjoying a Snickers bar. My husband walked in and asked, “Are you going to eat that whole thing?” Anger exploded within! Was he kidding? This was only a teensy-tiny candy bar, not a whole box of blinking chocolates. Once I calmed down, I started to wonder why I had been so triggered. So, I sat down and inquired, just following whatever came up in my body. Then it hit me. As a young child, the only time I could really look forward to not being criticized was when I was eating! There was my answer — yet another example of how childhood programming affects adult behavior.

Inquiry example 3: A memory from my family history

Inquiry can also be profound, leading us around like a child lost in the woods. This example comes from a personal journal entry. I chose this inquiry because it demonstrates how the inquiry process can weave all around the mulberry bush as it unfolds. This is the way our body explores, comes up with insights, and unpacks old wounds. Are you ready? Here we go:

I’m feeling hollow inside; there’s a dull ache. A childhood memory pops into view. I’m at my grandma’s house. She makes me eggs for breakfast instead of her usual crepes with jam. I start crying. I’m so disappointed. Grandma doesn’t know what to do. All of a sudden memories of my mother’s ancestral lineage flood in. People are hard at work in the fields of Austria, wearing babushkas (headscarves tied under the chin).

Next, I remember my aunt telling me, “There was not an ounce of affection in your mother’s family.” (My mother did not like the way this aunt and uncle showed affection. My mother dismissed it by saying, “All those silly, lovey-dovey comments in their photograph albums. Ugh.” )

Then, I remember a healer once telling me about the lack of affection often shown in immigrant families. She said this was because they had to give up their families of origin, struggle to survive in a new country, and had no time for affection. Now, a sense of being hopeless and hobbled drifts in. There is weakness inside, a dull ache. I allow this sensation to happen. I feel into it.

Whoa, like magic, my energy begins to shift. I’m becoming a joyous receiver! I’m empowered! I can do this. I’m bringing in love, nourishment, and compassion from on high. I’m pulling my own internal levers, healing old wounds. I have the power to send love to this inner wound. It wants to rock me, so I rock.

Wait. Now I see a spark of light in the central channel of my body, right above my pubic bone. I hold these two things together, the spark of light and the dull ache of the wound. They come together, side by side. Now I realize the light is “on,” and it wants to talk. The dullness is also active, morphing. It whispers to me, “I’m struggling. I don’t know what to do; I’m too young. I can’t handle this pain.”

The light responds, “It’s OK; I’m here for you. I’m patient. I’ll wait. Take your time; you don’t have to know what to do. We can gently work on this wound over time. It’s just energy that wants to be released.”

The wound responds, “ Thank you. I’m just starting to wake up. I didn’t know that there was love available. I am so relieved not to be rushed.”

At this point, I do some breathing to release the stress. I tell myself, “It’s safe to fully relax in this moment. I am safe. I am empowered. I am deeply held within this magical, revealing moment.” Now, I can more clearly see the wound. It’s in my right hip. It appears as a large mass, porous, the consistency of mush. It’s yellow and feels heavy. I realize I’ve been carrying this mess around with me for years. Morphing again…Now, I’m feeling focused, empowered, compassionate, gentle. I let the mass do whatever it wants. I send it love and comfort.

I realize there are no expectations here, or even the need for resolution. I inform the wound, “I love and accept you as part of me. Rest. Relax. You are safe and loved for whatever you turn out to be. There is no need to change.” Wow, now real acceptance is flooding in. Total inclusion. Love is here. Present. Alive. Peaceful. It’s all blending together in a gentle harmony. I think I’ll go get some breakfast.

What’s up next

In upcoming blog posts, we will be using the skill of inquiry to dive into, and dampen, the pain of Six Core Wounds that have been baked into the DNA of our bodies, even before we were even born. We can do this! We can explore what’s really going on inside us. We can release some old limiting energies. We can upgrade our energetic frequency and move on.

Join forces with your early inner child

Young girl on tricycle with helmet.
“How Do You Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike?” by BenSpark | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Prelude: We want to be part of the great transformation of human consciousness that’s currently happening on our planet. We want to emerge out of our old, habitual patterns and get on with a new, expansive life. With this in mind, it’s very important that we spend some time loving, nurturing and growing with our inner child. It’s still inside us wanting to have its say, like it or not. We want to get to know our inner child in a variety of ways so that we release the pain of our early experience and get to embrace a new, more integral way of living.

To do this, please take the following journey of visualization. See what you can discover about what’s still inside you at this point in your life.

Visualization to explore your little child

First, take a few moments to relax. Take a few deep breaths and slowly drop into your heart center. When you are ready, slowly read the following words and let your imagination run free.

Picture yourself in large empty room. (It’s not scary; you can have as much light as you wish and no matter what happens, it’s all OK.) Now, over in the corner, you can see your own young self, sitting on a stool. Notice as much as you can about your little child’s body language. What is he or she doing?

Now sit down on the floor and send your little child some love. How does this feel? How does your little one respond?

When you are ready, move into a part of you that makes you feel like love and smile. (You could think of anything—a loved one, a baby’s smell, puppies, kittens, or a favorite place in nature.) Send that love to your little self. Just watch your little child as you send them love. Notice what happens. What are you, and your young child feeling? Give this some time.

When you are ready, put your arms out. (Your inner child may, or may not, be ready for this. Or maybe they have already jumped into your lap. Some little ones are still afraid, and that’s OK. They’ve had a lifetime of being scared and feeling small.)

Whatever happens is fine. Just offer more love. Say, “I will pay attention to you. I will listen to how you are feeling and what you would have me know. When you are ready, please tell me how this is for you.”

When your inner child is ready, ask, “Is it OK if I give you a hug or even more love?” Ask, “How can we work together, join up as a team as we go along in life?”

Listen to what your child has to say. Feel into what happens. (It’s all OK.)

Now take your little child by the hand. Tell your little one, “I’m going to listen to all the messages you send me. We can learn to experience life together. Any time you want to send me a message, I’ll be here. We can both check in. It doesn’t matter if we’re feeling afraid, alone, sad, rambunctious, or joyous. Let’s just stay in touch and form a team through thick and thin. I want to thank you for being with me. You are an ongoing part of my life.

Now, gently come back. Open your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Contemplate what you’ve discovered with an open heart. Journal. Remember, you can communicate with your little one any time through an open heart. You can go back into that room or meet in a field, wherever calls you. Just be together. Talk. Listen. Stay present. Work out a plan to mature this relationship into the kind of integrated person you want to be. Help each other break through to what you really want in life. Cry together. Laugh together. Grow together. Have fun.

With this new partnership, you are ready to find your new self and live the life you’ve always wanted. Stay tuned.

Note: This exercise is one that I adapted from what I learned with Dee Wallace here.

Parents and children: Where’s the rub?

Cardboard parent and child.
“Danboard Parent Child Strobist” by Louish Pixel | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

We’ve talked about how an infant knows if they are loved or not, and how our early environment leaves a lasting influence on us as adults. So, what is really going on?

During the first six years of life, our natural 5D consciousness is in full flower. It is true awareness with no filters—just pure and free. We have been born with our inner gifts. They are buried inside us, alive and well. In our early years, we hear things, see things, and feel things in a way that our parents no longer do. Then, at about the age of seven, our egos start to coalesce and concretize. This is why the years between birth and seven are of particular importance. So, let’s first take a look at how we viewed the world in our formative years.

How children view world in formative years

When we were young children, we were wide awake in ways our parents cannot fathom. Everything was alive — animals, flowers, dogs, cats, toys, bananas. When my grandson was a small boy, he clung to a toy that belonged to the house where we were visiting. He was not about to give it up. But when the women of the house said, “That toy lives up on the table,” he marched right over and put the toy up where it belonged—all very natural. Another time, when he was older, he fell down and his badly scraped leg was bleeding. He told his Mom, “Look, Mom, the road ate my skin.” We adults no longer see the world this way.

Her mother said, “She gets excited about everything. I wish I was that excited about life.”

When we were children, we were curious and open. We wanted to explore every nook and cranny of life. We chewed on whatever we could put in our mouths, banged on pots, examined electric wall outlets, and tried to open every cupboard in the house. We threw Cheerios on the floor, laughed from our bellies, and played with the dog’s food. We didn’t think of things as right or wrong, or good or bad. We were just open to everything.

When we were children, we were filled with joy and wonder. Ants walking across a sidewalk were simply fascinating. Digging in the sand, or making mud pies, gave us hours of pleasure. I recently waved to a small girl in the park. She got so excited that she shook all over with delight waving her hands. Her mother said, “She gets excited about everything. I wish I was that excited about life.” Another time I watched a tiny boy who was learning to walk. He was at the stage where he just kept moving forward, almost unable to stop his feet. Suddenly, a baby rabbit crossed right in front of him and scampered into the grass. The boy stopped walking and I thought he would chase that baby bunny. But shuffled over to the side of the path, looked at the baby bunny, and murmured, “Aha.” (I did too.)

Now, we know that early childhood experiences stay with us and that these experiences limit us back as adults. So, let’s take a look at how these lasting imprints come about.

Scenarios to visualize

In the following scenarios, visualize yourself from the young child’s perspective and then from the role as adult/parent, realizing that these experiences arise from different places/ages/frequencies.

Child: is crying and crying. It feels all wet and icky. I’m hungry. Where’s Mom? I want Mom. I need help.

Parent: is upstairs vacuuming, unaware.

Childhood imprint: No one is here for me.

Child: is all happy, spinning, turning round and round. Bam, Mom jolts me out of my joyous dance, grabs me by the arm, yells.

Parent: Stop! You’re about to fall down the stairs.

Childhood imprint: The world is not safe.

Child: I’m making cookies all by myself, shake the flour off my hands, eat some raw batter. Yum.

Parent: Yells, no, no, now look at what you’ve done, there’s flour all over the place and you’re going to get sick!”

Childhood imprint: I must do things the way Mom wants or else she will be mad. I need to do things right.

Child: Dad, Dad, look at this. Look what I found! Look what I found!

Parent: Pays no attention, continues to play on cellphone and watch TV.

Childhood imprint: I’m all alone. I’m invisible. I don’t really matter.

Child: Having fun, running trucks up steep ramps, then crashing then into my brick wall.

Parent: Stop that right now; we have to go. We’re late. You do this all the time.

Childhood imprint: I’m not good enough. I need to play small.

Child: Wow, look at the sky, it’s beautiful. The clouds are floating by. This is wondrous.

Parent: What are you doing out here? Did you do your chores?

Childhood imprint: I’m not OK. I’m a bad girl.

Child: Runs into the house, tears in eyes: Mom, Mom, I was doing a somersault on the front lawn, and I saw God! I saw God!

Parent: Don’t cry, honey, I’m right here. Let’s play the hand game, “Here is a church; here is the steeple: Open it up and see all the people.”

Childhood imprint: Big people don’t understand a thing. I’m all alone.

The young child and adult experience life at very different frequencies

Like it or not, these are the kind of impressions we store as children. Our trust gets broken because the big people don’t come. They are not there when we need them. We get in trouble for reasons we don’t understand. Our sense of our self becomes tarnished. The world is not a safe place. Life is frightening. We have to go it alone. We better do things the right way. And just think, we haven’t even talked about living in a family where there is abuse, alcoholism, mental illness and dysfunction.

So, where is the rub? Why do we still carry these messages of old? We do this because life works at very different frequencies for a young child and an adult. We have vastly different ways of experiencing our everyday world. “So, what,” you might say. “Big deal. We all went through this.” But the dilemma is that we are still living our life through the early filters of our childhood. This takes the juice out of us, and makes for a very limited life.

How does this predicament come about?

First we felt wounded as young children. So we came up with strategies to compensate, to help us feel somewhat safe, worthwhile, lovable, etc. In this way we could feel a little less separate, a bit more connected, like we belonged, and people really cared.

Next, our childhood strategies are reinforced. They grow into ingrained patterns, habits, and beliefs. We learn from parents, teachers, and society to go to the outside to get what we want and feel good about ourselves. We incorporate these subconscious messages into our life:

  • Maybe we earn degrees or go to prestigious programs because underneath we don’t think we are very smart.
  • Maybe we try to control everything because we learn that we couldn’t trust the big people, or life.
  • Maybe we always try to please others because then we feel we are of some use, have value.
  • Maybe we go blazing out into the world to prove our worth.
  • Maybe we hide ourselves away, make ourselves small, to try to maintain some control and feel safe.

We all have our various strategies, and they are still functioning in our lives today.

The problem with going to the outside to be fulfilled is that it doesn’t work. It’s temporary and fleeting. We will never achieve the things we wanted as kids—feelings like being safe, worthy, loved, powerful, etc. by going to the outside. Our early adaptive skills no longer work because the source of who and what we are is not to be found on the outside. Our worth is much deeper than that. It resides in our heart, not in our head. It lies inside us. The outer, external, world is never going to give us what we really want—peace, joy, and love.

One way we can learn to go inside is to team up with our inner child, that little one who is always going to be with us. So, next time we will take a look at what we can do to honor and team up with our little child part. We need to work on the inside to reach fulfillment.

Early imprints leave their mark

Father and mother on couch reading to one child and nursing another with bottle.
“Parents Cerebral Palsy – Children both NO C.P., 1978” by Whiskeygonebad | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

From birth to the age of about seven, we are like sponges, soaking up what we see, hear, and experience in our baby souls. We are filling up the hard drive in our new brain and body. We are imprinting our soul with the information gleaned from what we find in our surroundings. This means that we’ve learned the load-bearing part of what we know from our parents and caregivers. This is also how our parents learned from their parents, and so on.

Even though most parents tried to do the best they could, they were operating out of their own Shadow frequencies, the ones they themselves had unconsciously acquired in their own childhood.

This foundational process of learning is actually part of our genetic makeup. The problem is that it stunts our adult life if we don’t learn to process this early experience. Richard Rudd explains in The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose:

“Gene Key #50 has much to do with the way in which values are passed on from one generation to another. Repressed secrets or emotions lying between the parents will emerge through the life of the child, creating an atmosphere of unrest, unless both parents take responsibility for their own manifestation, which most parents don’t; parents assume it is the child what needs fixing, helping, or disciplining rather than themselves. This universal law applies particularly to children in the first seven years of their lives. Beyond this phase behavior is fully imprinted and the child may indeed need some form of deep understanding to shed the emotional load that was unconsciously placed on his or her shoulders.”

No wonder many of us are still searching to know ourselves more deeply. This is why we want to dig into our past imprinting to uncover the hidden patterns that we still carry consciously or unconsciously.

Early imprinting exercise

Note: If you just read this exercise, and don’t actually do it, you will only get a surface, academic understanding of yourself. But when you actually put your energy into doing this exercise, you will gain some new information about your old self. This is what is needed to see things from a new, broader perspective so that you can move along in your journey. So, let your inquiry process be an adventure. Here are the steps:

1. Write down everything you can about what your parents, or caregivers, said to you. Also write down everything you observed about your parents’ behaviors, feelings, etc. Throw in some things from other influential people like grandparents and teachers. Take your time. Let the information come to you. Remember, you were like a sponge from conception to age seven. You absorbed everything you saw, heard, and felt. It was just the way things were. It was your core truth.

2. Start to notice things you do or feel in your current life that give hints, echoes of these old imprints. Think about different areas of your life — Health, a sense of Wellbeing, Money, Success, Relationship, and your Beliefs about the world.

3. Next, write down everything you discovered about your past and your present self—all the patterns, themes, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors that still occupy your life.

What surfaced for me

For example, here are a few things that surfaced for me. Some of these past experiences still influence my life today:

Mom: Money isn’t important. It doesn’t make you a better person.
Dad: If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?

Mom: Don’t eat between meals, or just have an apple.
Dad: Let’s make gigantic sandwiches.

Mom: Don’t jump around so much. Keep your knees together.
Dad: Don’t be a sissy.

As you can see, my Mom and Dad were opposites:

Mom: was stoic, withdrawn, and miserly. She wanted to be alone. She very seldom showed emotion, or physical affection. Mom was often worried, angry, frustrated, embarrassed, or disappointed.

Dad: was bigger than life, overly exuberant, and open—going skinny dipping, tickling, and joking. Dad was outgoing and sometimes unnecessarily generous with his friends. He drank too much, wanted to party all the time, and sometimes got into fights. He was usually happy.

They couldn’t agree on anything and were always bickering. Between the atmosphere at home and the fact that I was confined to a windowless incubator for the first 21 days of my life, I did not feel safe, and I did not trust life.

Observations and beliefs

Here are some of the observations and beliefs that came out of doing this exercise. And if truth be told, they are still affecting my life:

Health/wellness: Don’t let anyone know when you are not feeling well. They will be upset, or uninterested.

Money: It’s selfish to have too much of anything. I only need money for security. I don’t want or need many things.

Success: Success is very different from what my parents believed. Rising to the top of an organization was fun, but it didn’t fulfill me. Success comes from what I’m learning on my spiritual journey. I am most happy when I am “in the flow” doing what I love—like writing, contemplating, or doing distinct, simple things like jigsaw puzzles.

Relationships: Feelings of separation, isolation, and safety still erupt in my life. I’m still working to release these old issues of trust or separation in my intimate relationship. I used to believe that the world was not a friendly place. Asking for what I wanted was a foreign idea and was seen as being selfish. If I wanted something, I had to make it happen myself. At this point, there is not much that I desire especially when I’m in the flow. I am happy and optimistic about humanity.

Our Shadow Selves

Once we’ve explored some of the old issues that continue to function in our lives as adults, it’s important to realize that these old messages come out of our Shadow selves. Remember, our 3D Shadow selves operate on a low energy frequency that binds us to a very limited version of our self and we are genetically programed to grow into our higher 5D Gift selves, which give us a whole different perspective on life. This is our aim—to live our fuller, more authentic lives.

Stay tuned, next time we will take a look at how and why we still carry our early experience around with us.

The Infant Knows

Baby's face.
“Infant.” by przemko.stachowski | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Prologue: As you know, this year (2024) we’re diving into the great transformation that’s occurring in the very design of human consciousness. We’ll start from the beginning, from childhood, and work our way up using information and tools that can help propel us into our new selves, our authentic identities. This intimate connection with Source is our birthright. This is an amazing journey, which we will take one step at a time. Before we dive into the potential for our new transitional self, let’s take a step back in time and look at what has unconsciously shaped our reality from the beginning.

Quantum physics shows us that we are part of the universal whole, that love is our very nature. We all want and need love. So, why do we learn to separate from love?

We humans have the conviction that we are separate individuals, that we stand alone in the world separate from other people. This belief begins in childhood because we absorb our identity from the environment in which we find ourselves. Over time this deep belief shapes and defines our sense of self and how we experience life as an adult.

However good our parents were, we have experienced the absence of holding, a certain kind of emptiness when our needs were not specifically met. We began to not trust our surroundings. We drop our gentle, delicate, finely tuned nature, grow out of our softness, and harden into life.

What is love: An infant knows when it is not loved. It experiences the Impact of not feeling loved. Hameed says in Love Unveiled: Discovering the Essence of the Awakened Heart:

Most often the arrival of a child is just a fulfillment of someone’s needs and expectations…A child may have been longed for, but not welcomed for who that child really is, or the parents see the child as an extension of themselves. So, when they say, ‘I love you,’ it’s more about them than the child. Maybe the child was not what the parents expected, but then it’s their duty to love, but it’s not because of who you actually are.

So, what happens if our parents are unable to love us for who we really are? There is a wound that comes from not being truly loved. (To explore how this wound has developed in you, ask yourself some repeating questions, a technique I learned when I was in the Diamond approach.) As you answer the same question again and again, draw from anytime in your life because your present life carries early imprints from your early life.

Exercise: Ask yourself the following question again and again and again. In what way have I ever felt unloved? Write down all your answers. How is this early programming affecting you today?

Many of us don’t allow ourselves to feel love in certain situations, or with certain people, because we would feel the pain, hurt, or disappointment from the past. These feelings trigger the deprivation around not getting love in general.

If you’d really like to learn even more about yourself, go ahead and ask yourself this second repeating question: What prevents me from feeling love? (I’d love it if you would take a moment and write me a note to tell me what you discovered through these repeating questions.) Much love to you and your journey to love.

Have you heard? A Great Transformation is underway

Eye in space over a city next to water.
“In the Eyes of the creator” by Malinda Rathnayake | CC BY 2.0

The great transformation is about the actual evolution of consciousness. This is a BIG deal. It’s revolutionary. It involves the evolution of consciousness Itself. This evolution overhauls everything that we’ve learned as humans—how we think, how we behave, and what we understand our world to be. This cosmic reset turns the knowledge of our planet, and ourselves, upside down and inside out.

Many leading voices are talking about the leap in consciousness that is going on right now on planet Earth. This includes astrologers like Pam Gregory, geologists like Greg Braden, scientists like Nassim Haramein, researchers like Bruce Lipton and Dawson Church, spiritual teachers like Dr. Sue Morter , Dr. Joe Dispenza, and even beings from higher frequency dimensions such as the Circle of Light channeled by Georgia Jean. Everything is changing from our physiology to our cosmic potential. Let’s take a closer look.

We’ll see what’s going on with our biology, our actual DNA, and acknowledge the amazing built-in potential that we human beings already possess. We’ll also move ahead and up a level to the new ways we humans are invited to participate as an integrated part of the quantum field.

Let’s begin with Richard Rudd. After an incredible spiritual awakening, he was shown the past, present, and future dynamics of our DNA. In The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose, he explains:

“Our planet is in the midst of a vast transition in which humanity is playing the central role….The great quantum leap is in the air. The Gene Keys show us a world where human beings are governed by higher principles such as love, forgiveness, and freedom. Such a world is not a dream; it is the next stage of natural evolution, and it depends upon each of us unlocking the higher purpose that lies hidden in our DNA.”

Moving on, the original blueprint for humanity is being upgraded. As Michael Beckwith explains:

“The old paradigm (of human consciousness) is being disrupted. The old way of thinking—of lack, limitation, scarcity, is not enough…this old energetic blueprint is what most of us are still living in…a new, truly expansive blueprint is coming in; this is the emergence of a different paradigm of abundance, a paradigm of love, a paradigm of connectedness…both of these paradigms (old and new) are existing at the same time and in the same space.”

The old Newtonian model says that two things cannot exist in the same space and time. But now we see in the latest scientific discoveries in quantum reality, two things can exist in the same space and time; they are just manifesting from different dimensions. This would be like when we can step back and observe ourselves from a distance, and still, at the same time, see how we are thinking, or feeling, or behaving.

Nassim Haramein, a brilliant physicist, knows all about different frequencies and dimensions. He proves that things actually do exist simultaneously in his groundbreaking discovery of a Unified Physics formula. He tells us:

“2024 will be known as the year when we’ve formally resolved the disparity between cosmological and quantum [physical] physics, the conundrum the global science community has spent billions of dollars trying to resolve over the past 100 years… our new understanding will lead to [groundbreaking technologies] like the extraction of energy from the vacuum, gravity control, new life extension technologies, and a truly thriving world.”

Let’s look at the higher frequencies. The Circle of Light is a group of 12 Light Beings who are dedicated to helping humans transcend the old blueprint of human consciousness. In The Circle of Light and the Philosopher, channeled by Georgia Jean, the Circle of Light gives us some examples of what can be. I’m going to quote them in their own language, so you get the flavor of how they speak:

“Some fundamental precepts in the original creation of the human experience are now up for revision. We want you to understand that you are moving to your integrative, galactic light bodies. Some of the original human concepts are not necessary [for example] the template of toxicity, where you were physically susceptible to forms of toxic degeneration like illness, disease, plague, un-well-being have been collective experiences throughout the human experience. [They explain that the concept of disease and struggle was necessary to urge humans to experiment, learn, survive, and move on.] No longer is it desired that you struggle with this particular form of resistance. It’s now time to purify this from the humanity template. We want you to understand all history will now shape around a different creative choice….Yes, it’s hard to imagine the possibility of a world without disease. That’s all right, just love and accept the part of you that struggles with the belief of the possibility of transcending such a global illusion. But in a certain frequency you know this to be true.”

Marci Shimoff, a renowned transformational teacher and expert on happiness, success, and unconditional love says:

“History shows that in chaotic times like this are always followed by a renaissance. If you are reading this right now, you chose to be incarnated to help the world move into the rebirth, into the new world….We are here for a world of unity, for healing our planet, for consciousness, for love. We need to move into our imagination, like Einstein did, move into our vision of what the world can be. We want to move into our higher vision to create the higher world we are looking for.”

So, we’ve looked at what several well-known writers in the spiritual world are saying about the Great Transformation in Consciousness. This is heady stuff. But as Neale Donald Walsch explains in his book Conversations with God, Book 4, Awaken the Species, it’s all about us living our day to day lives:

“This is not just about saving the world. 
This is about your personal spiritual journey; 
it’s about your individual evolution.
It can be the most exciting, enthralling time 
you’ve experienced since your birth.”

–Neale Donald Walsch

In upcoming blog posts, we will dive into what this tremendous change in consciousness means for us on an individual level because we are the recipients of this gift. This transformative level of consciousness is not just for seers, sages, or avatars. It is meant for regular people, like you and me. And it is available for us right now if we choose to do the work and participate.

Note: Check out one of my previous posts about collective consciousness for more background information on what is going on within us as human beings.

The Gift: Dance with your own light

“Installation: Cosmic Kisses Illuminated” by Lance Shields | CC BY 2.0

Become the dancing lightness that you are

Hu translates as deep

Man translates as manifestation

To be Human means deep manifestation

This is who you are
The light
The true you
The ever-emerging new you

Stop right now. Become an unattached observer. Create some distance from your usual self. Discover yourself moment by moment. Use your imagination, your higher creative self, to picture yourself high above the Earth. As you look down, you find yourself to be in unfamiliar terrain, observing the “you” that is yet to emerge.

See yourself dancing with yourself, as in the image above. Dance. Dream. Play for a bit.

Now, go ahead and engage with your higher self; feel into this deeper, more light-hearted, version of you. Take your time, while you dance from your limited Shadow-self into the newer, expanded “you.” This is your birthright, your Gift.

No holding back; just let yourself go.

Feel the wonder.

Feel the joy.

What visions float through your head? What feelings arise? What experiences dance in your soul? What is it about this dancing self that seems unfamiliar? Is there something that is still unknown? Be curious. Let your heart do the exploration. Have fun.

Now, sense into your “vibrational key.” This is uniquely you. Bring your cosmic energy down to the Earth through the top of your head. Allow this energy to land in your body. What happens? Let it feel good. Anchor this energy in your heart. This experience can be yours in any moment. This embodied frequency broadcasts an entirely different world view, and it’s all yours.

Remember to nurture the things that you love about yourself. Dance with the real you—the new, fresh, twirling, the delighted you—the human that you are meant to be. Memorize these feelings—love, joy, gratitude, and abundance—because this is who you are—dancing with the Light.

Happy New Year!

Choice: An essential key

“Thinking about thinking, the brain, mind, and consciousness” by sbpoet | CC BY-NC 2.0

Choice with awareness changes everything

Once upon a time, I asked a spiritual teacher, “Is there choice or isn’t there choice?” He answered, “There is and there isn’t.” Well, that was not a very satisfying answer, so I continued to wonder, observe, and question. My guides are now directing me to answer this question simply:

  1. Humans make hundreds of choices every day; most are made unknowingly by the subconscious mind.
  2. Humans are equipped to make wonderfully conscious choices by directing their energy.
  3. Sometimes, answers just come unbidden. This happens when humans break through their usual level of awareness. (This happened for me, decades ago when I experienced that I had no choice at all! For weeks, everything just happened by itself. There was no “me” involved! This was truly strange; I made it a point to pay attention.)

So, let’s explore more closely the dynamics of choice.

Unconscious choice

We’ve been taught to make a choice with our ego-minds, according to our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, and through analysis and determination. In the beginning, this is how we view choice. This seems like a lot of work. (We were never taught to go with the flow and come from the dimension of love.)

During my Getting the World off Your Back series, we’ve learned that most of our choices have been coming from our unconscious self, our Shadow, or 3D self (see The Hidden Trap and Let’s face it, we’re on automatic.)

But the thing is, if we don’t consciously choose, we lose. We choose by default. We don’t get to blossom into our full human potential. We fail to latch on to our true selves. We miss signs of opportunity and guidance. We unconsciously allow “outside” events, and our wounded subconscious to choose for us; this takes us away from our authentic self.

Conscious choice

We’ve also learned that we can choose to direct our intention to a higher level, to our Gift self. We want to remember that we are the creators of ourselves. We all have the power to create the reality in which we choose to live. No one else can do this for us.

We are always at a choice point. In each moment, we have an opportunity to make a choice. Many of us don’t notice this choice point. We don’t notice how often we are coming from our old selves, from fear and/or negativity. We worry that something is not going to work out, that it might rain, we’ll run out of money, be sick, or alone, etc. But, we can learn to pay attention to all these inner goings on. With dedicated practice, we can have control over our energy, our thoughts, and our feelings (even though our ego still wants to stay in control). We can learn to up-level our choice making. We can learn to select a view that is filled with the possibility of a new life, a new perspective. Here’s how…

How to do it

1. Observe. Pay close attention.

Watch what’s going on in your inner world. Be the observer of yourself; this is what brings in new, fundamental, information. You step beyond your usual self. You begin to unseat your old, limited perspective. When you just observe, you allow all thoughts, feelings, and attitudes to pass by without judgment; it’s like watching a movie, or cars passing on the street. With this more objective perspective, you are on your way to inner freedom. Simply being where you are, and watching, means a great deal because this allows your higher self (your source) to connect and work with you.

Here’s a practice to try: Notice the things that you don’t like. These “judgments” can serve as clues that guide you to where you have resistance to total life. They alert you to where you could obtain a broader perspective and expand your awareness. Judgements reveal when you are not in frequencies that are headed toward the vibration of love and your most authentic self.

2. Choose what you want

Go ahead, right now, pick something that you want to create. Choose from deep human values and qualities like health, wealth, wellness, integrity, abundance, success, relationship, etc. For example, you might say, “I want health”, or “I want joy, or wealth, success, or abundance.”

Now, change your words to the present tense: I am health, I am wealth, success, joy, or abundance. Do this because, as contemporary science shows, the brain does not know the difference between now and a month from now (see Joe Dispenza). At first, your automatic mind will probably buck, doubt, or say no, “That’s not going to happen.” But it doesn’t matter because you are actually creating this desire in the immediate moment. Once you have your choice in mind…

3. Shift your energy with a feeling of love

This could be anything that makes you feel gratitude, kindness, tenderness, compassion. Remember that love is the most powerful creation tool that we humans have available to us. Review the heart power method and the smile method in the previous post. When we learn to live in the state of love, we continually draw things to us that match our higher frequency. This is because we are directing our choice toward the flow of the universe. When this happens, we are in relation with divine love, the medium of which we are made. This method of decision making will help us learn to master our life rather than allow the world to take us over. We want to learn how to go with the flow, release what’s not needed, and move forward in our unique path of becoming.

4. Let go

Don’t be attached. Let go of patterns that no longer serve you. Let go of trying to control the how of your manifestation. If you have preconceived ideas about the outcome you desire, give them up, otherwise you may miss the signs that it’s already happening in a different way or in a shorter period of time. Plus, the outcome may even be better than you could have imagined.
Let go of anything that is not like Love. Give all your attention to the highest values or qualities of life that you want. This will change your universe; it will also change others around you because you’ll be vibrating in a higher frequency, and love always wins. And remember…

Sometimes the answers come unbidden

It’s just how life energy works, like the time I was out walking in the city, noticing the sights, sounds, smells, movements, when, poof, it happened; instantly; I was the chooser of all my perception! The workers, whom I usually observed with my 3D perspective, were transformed into shining essential beings just doing their thing! The entire landscape was amazing. I was actually free to choose any world view that I desired. I was astounded. I realized that, simply by being born human, choice is something all we have at our beckon call. What freedom! I came to understood, unequivocally, that we humans do have the power to choose—a new belief, a new way of seeing, a new reality! That free energy is here, available, flowing; it’s just waiting to respond to our direction. This is a difficult truth for many of us humans to grok. But we can do it.

So, let us choose deeply human values, or qualities, pair them with feelings of love, and direct our energy to the highest possibilities. In the end, our job is to observe, choose, and ask. The universe’s job is to do all the work and provide the “how’s.” When we consciously choose, direct our energy with love, and commit to the natural process, we co-create with the universe. And life becomes a co-creative dance!

Be creative: Match the energy you want

“Data mapped into fresh permutations of fun…” by TORLEY | CC BY-SA 2.0

What energy zone are you in: creative or re-active?

As we are discovering, our ability to leverage our Essential Human Power is predicated on our ability to stay out of our learned, reactive, Shadow-self while we learn to stay in our original creative, higher frequency, Gift-self.

Don’t forget, our Shadow-self is driven by an underlying, pervasive sense of lack; we feel we are missing something. Because of this, we go to our minds, or to something outside of ourselves to find it. Our Shadow-self is essentially re-active. It is not original or spontaneous. We want to slip out of this old automatic mind frequency. We want to move into our heart frequency—into our higher, more creative, expansive self.

Our energy frequency determines the shape and focus of our life because it’s the underlying frequency of Life that constantly influences us, whether the energy is coming from our head-self or our heart-self. As Henk J. M. Schram at Crack Your Egg explains:

“These two (frequencies) are completely different Orientations. The Reactive (head) mode is focused on getting rid of or changing something that already exists. The Creative (heart) mode is focused on bringing something new into being… the only way to escape (your) programming is to rise above it at an energetic level…If you anchor yourself into a higher frequency, the same life can be experienced as through you were living in an entirely different world.”

The truth is we are all yearning for something deeper than our surface-level goals. We want to switch from the usual effort of the head to the effortless creative power of the heart. We are yearning to self-actualize and become our true selves. And we can do this.

The body has over 60 trillion cells. Every single cell is listening, and it is responding to the environmental signals that we create. So, we want to make sure we are sending the correct signals (see The missing link: Direct your energy). We want to re-wire and fire the cells which can lead to our most authentic selves. We want to gain the ability to remain in our creative frequency and shift back to our creative energy as soon as we realize that we’ve slipped back into our old, conditioned self. So, let’s be honest with ourselves; are we coming from our old, learned, reactive self or from a new, expanded, perspective of our highest self?

The Circle of Light, dedicated to helping humanity wake up, gives us inspiration to use our inborn creative ability. They explain:

“While you remain alive in physical form in this Earth game, you are going to keep the usual flavors of your identity. But if you continue to expand, open, and allow more of the power of your personal source, of your soul’s energy, you allow that pure creative consciousness to flow through you. This is when you really get to dance…without the usual painful resistance.”

So, let’s get creative here and learn how to direct our energy to where we want it to go. I’m going to use myself as an example and explain what I’ve learned about directing energy from Dee Wallace in her Awesome Magical Creation Course:

I was having an issue with my health. My digestive system was out of whack. What follows is the process I used to help me direct my energy to where I wanted it to go:

  1. I stated my desire at the deepest level: I am divine health.
  2. I found the place inside me that made me smile and feel love. (Innocent things, like babies, puppies, and kittens.)
  3. I inhaled, smiled, and then on a slow exhale said, “I am divine health, and it feels like love.”

That’s it; that’s the process—easy peasy.

The steps in more detail

Now, let me explain in more detail.

First, you clearly identify what it is that you’d like to manifest. Your statement should be short, clear, and direct. Start with “I am.” You might say, “I am divine wealth, or divine relationship, or divine success, wellness, abundance, or whatever. Keep your statement as plain and simple as possible. (Dee Wallace says whatever is said after the “I am” is unnecessary and could cause conflict.)

For example, if I say, “I am divine health and I want my digestive system to work better”, I am actually sending a mixed signal. On the one hand, I would be saying that I want divine health, but on the other hand, I would be declaring that my health was not working well. So, how would the universe find a match? In which direction would it look—to divine health or to continued sickness?

Or I might get too specific and say, “I want my stomach to work in this way and my bowels to work in that way.” This doesn’t allow the energy complete freedom to find a solution. It might be in ways that I could never have imagined.

Second, Dee asks us to find our “love place,” which means anything that makes you smile and feel love. It could be your pet, the picture of a friend or grandchild, a place in nature, etc. It’s all up to you. If you don’t think you have a love place, (which was me in the beginning) just focus on your heart, then “fake it till you make it” come true.

Dee adds that smiling is the scientific part of the process because it opens the vagus nerve, which sends the conscious intent that we have chosen out into the electromagnetic universe, rather than all the unconscious beliefs that we usually have running around in our heads. And smiling as you say, “and it feels like love” gives the universe a clear direction in which to go.

Note: As you are going through this process, be alert when any doubt or worry that comes in (Am I really going to get this? Is the universe really going to deliver? This is not going to work.) When this happens recognize that it is the old, small, voice that you’ve been carrying around for decades. Say, “Stop!” Then choose to shift back to the clear smile method, stating your divine desire statement.

Third, inhale, smile, and slowly exhale and you say, “I am divine ______.” Fill in the blank with whatever you desire in the highest—divine health, wellness, money, relationship, success, etc. (Divine abundance is my favorite.)

Eventually, with practice, we can adopt a conscious mastery—directing our energy, having our mind serve our higher self, and aligning our thoughts, attitudes, feelings, and beliefs with our innate, essential power. At some point, we will awake our natural, creative process, and this feels divine.