About Barbara Bennett

Barbara Bennett headshot

Barbara Bennett is known for her unique way of helping people learn things they can actually use in life. She is an author and sacred medium. She has taught, coached, and counseled hundreds of executives, college students and clients. In her varied life, she has served as an officer of a Fortune 500 corporation, been a clown, run a motel in Arizona, worked with fashion models in New York City and taught cops human development skills. Bennett holds a doctorate in educational psychology. She lives with her husband.

Barbara’s mission

​I would like to help as many people as possible, who want to wake up in this life, so that we all do the following:

  • Open our eyes, be curious, explore, and see what’s available beyond the usual ego perspective.
  • Discover the inner power that’s available to us as humans to understand and experience greater realities beyond our wildest dreams.
  • Act in ways, individually and collectively, that contribute to a more compassionate world and the betterment of humankind.

More about Barbara:

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